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Monday, September 7, 2009

Izz Zafraan

This is a rather colourful set of cupcakes for one of our regular customer's collegue. She did requested for something simple yet cheerful. Having no specific theme for this birthday cupcakes, we simply created a cottage feeling using mushrooms, chicken and playing field. Anyway, happy 1st birthday Izz Zafraan!

Upin & Ipin + Bola Kampung

It's fun decorating these set of chocolate moist cake and cupcakes for nani's sons. We've downloaded the images for bola kampung from the official website (yes, i'd signed up and pretended to be a kid) and spend sometime picking the best images to put on the cupcakes. As for the Upin & Ipin edible image, we're lucky that the supplier had just came out with a new set of images. Still fresh and new.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

custom made

Another set of cupcakes with automobile theme. Well, sort of. This set was quite unique because our customer had not only decided on the colour but she even drew the images that she wanted for each and every pieces of cupcakes. Custom made cupcakes is what you can expect from us, name it and we'll try to make it \(",)/

Kereta Potong

This set of 16 large cupcakes was ordered by Yati for her special one's birthday. She simply requested something to do with kereta potong. Well, not a suprise when the pre-listed request includes steering, dashboard, recaro seat and stuff.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

all time favourite cookies and such...

As for the coming Aidilfitri, we're offering 7 types of cookies for you to choose at an unbelievable price. Rest assured the taste is unquestionable. ", These include:

1. Chocolate chip cookies : RM20/50pcs2. Chocolate bar cookies : RM20/50pcs 3. Almond London : RM20/50pcs
4. Nestum Flake cookies: RM20/50pcs
5. Crunchy Almond cookies: RM20/50pcs
6. Pineapple tart: RM20/50pcs 7. Sugee: RM17/50pcs

On top of that, we have kek kukus for you to savor on pagi raya!
1. 1kg kek kukus mix fruit: RM30 (plastic wrap)/RM35 (tupperware)

2. 1kg kek kukus blackcurrant: RM35 (tupperware)

btw, cookies are not for hari raya only, you can have it for CNY, deepavali, raya haji, Xmas, hari guru, hari pekerja etc. Just drop by to our cakehouse for some bite!
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