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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Leman's wedding

Leman is syukri's uni-mate back in USM. He requested a 3 tiered fondant wedding cake with reddish roses (though his wedding color theme was blue ",). The cake consisted of a 2kg cake as the base, 1kg cake in the middle and 1/2kg cake on top. We combined the red roses with the pink roses and assembled it on the white fondant cladded cake. The cake then was fetched by Leman's sister back to Penang for his big day. What a journey, hehe!

*our latest obsession; the decorated base to elevate the cake!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

kak chik & jijah

This is quite a late entry but this 'cheerful' cheesecake certainly deserved to be published :) We've got this order from Cikgu Salya requesting a 1/2kg oreo cheesecake to celebrate the birthday of her friends; kak chik and jijah. It was a double celebration and to be fair, we divided and decorated the oreo cheesecake into two. Lime green for kak chik and pink for jijah. Hope they love the oreo cheesecake.

Monday, December 21, 2009

nyda's big day

Nyda was syukri's childhood friend and for her wedding day, we were more than happy to bake for her the hantaran and kek potong. The theme was green but we intentionally added dark brown and light yellow to enhance the combination. For the hantaran, it was a 2kg chocolate moist cake with creamwell topping. As for the kek potong, it was a 3 tiered fondant cake with cupcakes on the lowest and middle part and finished with a 1kg chocolate moist. *Notes the base that we prepared to elevate the wedding cake from the table

Thursday, December 10, 2009

MU cupcakes for Opi

This set of chocolate moist cupcakes was dedicated for Opi, a loyal MU fan for his excellent exam result. He is currently enrolled in the accountancy matriculation in Arau. This came as a surprise for him as he did not expecting anything from his family during his Raya Haji holiday. Congratulations Opi!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mat Umai: Part 3

For his wedding cake, Mat Umai requested a 3 tiered cakes. The base and the top were fruit cakes with fondant topping while the cupcakes in the middle was chocolate moist cupcakes with creamwell topping. We switched from using the normal roman columns to a more sophisticated goblets as the tiers. We tried to make it simple as requested with no excessive decoration.

Barbie doll: Part 3

These Barbie dolls was decorated for Dalila's nieces; twins to be exact for their birthday. The pink one was for Aina while the lilac was for Alya. We attempted a different method and nozzle this time around and we were quite happy with the result. We managed to finished these two rather quick as compared to the 'stippling' method :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mat Umai: Part 2

So apart from the cupcakes for the kids, Mat Umai did requested 2 more sets of cupcakes for her family to indulge. 1 set for him and another one for his brother (did we mentioned earlier that the function was a double reception?) So we decorated for him our signature 'henna' ornamentation cupcakes. The purple+pink was for him and the yellow+orange for his brother.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Barbie doll: Part 2

This Barbie doll with 1kg chocolate moist base was decorated for pnut's niece; Jasmine. Rather simple as compared to the other Barbie doll we made but sometimes less is more. It's quite time consuming but since the gown was only partially covered, it was easier than the previous Barbie doll.

Friday, December 4, 2009


We received this order of 16 pcs chocolate moist cupcakes from Sazliana as an engagement gift to her fiance. We did showed her our strings of previous works taken from our portfolio. She did get confused deciding the theme before she finally made up her mind by choosing the English Garden theme. The theme colour was apple green and pink. Congratulations Sazliana and Sharil!


This set of 16 vanilla cupcakes was requested by Leez as a gift for Syiba's engagement. The theme was simply English Garden. The idea was to have it all made of fondant initially but after several considerations, we resorted to mix the fondant with butter cream to make it even merrier. The theme colour was pink and purple but we do add some extra colour to spice up the look :)

Don's froggy

This cake was supposed to be a surprised gift for Don. He was somewhat known for his signature frog. So her cousin, achik secretly asked him to sketch the frog for her without him knowing that it will be the blueprint of an interesting project. It took almost an hour for the decorating process inclusive of moulding the cake into shape. Enjoy the froggy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mat Umai: Part 1

Mat Umai was Syukri's uni-mate back in USM. He requested several sets of cupcakes and a 3 tiered wedding cake for his reception. The first set was 16pcs medium chocolate moist cupcakes for the kids. Of course not his kids, its his nephews and nieces :) So we decorated spongebob and doraemon for the boys while for the girls, it's crown and kitty time!
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