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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mama Linda

Mother's Day!
16pcs large size cupcakes for Mama Linda. Quite an old collection but nevertheless deserved an entry. :P  

price: RM2.00/pc


comfy cushion looks great...
2kg fondant cladded chocolate moist cake as wedding gift ordered by Hidayah delivered to Terminal LRT Putra Gombak.

edible image

Just a sample of cake with edible image as part of its decoration. Pick an image(s), we'll do the editing F.O.C.,  and there you have it, your dream cake (sort of) hehe! Of course we'll have to discuss on the colours, wording, design etc along the way.

Boys equal cars!

1kg chocolate moist cake for Asraf's birthday. Boys can't be separated from speed, can they?


75pcs of medium size cupcakes ordered by Anis for her officemate's birthday bash Anuratha delivered to Sungai Buloh. The theme is simply something simple yet beautiful.

Fathiah Aleeya's giftset

16 pcs medium size cupcake for Fathiah Aleeya's birthday ordered by Yanti. Prepared as gift set at minimal extra cost complete with window box and ribbon.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh my name!

30pcs medium size cupcakes with name spelling ordered by some Uniten students. Can you identify those names?

English Garden

Sample for English Garden design on cake. Basically it is petite roses skirting the cake. You can customised the design by choosing your own favourite colour.

Triple celebration

sharing is caring
1kg chocolate moist cake ordered by Puan Sapinah, the Head of School in City U College, PJ as a blanket celebration for her childrens. >.< So there goes speed cars for the boys and baby doll for the girl.

Barbie doll

pale fuchsia frills...
1kg chocolate moist cake beautifully decorated as Barbie doll cake for Wardina's birthday.

We love our daddy!

2kg chocolate moist cake ordered by Suhaila for her daddy's birthday delivered to Kampung Lindungan in Sunway.

So sweet!!!

from Sarawak with love!
16pcs medium size cupcakes ordered by B in Sarawak delivered to his special one in IPGM Kampus Pendidikan Islam in Bangi as a surprise birthday gift.


light coral gift set
1kg chocolate moist cake with 16pcs cupcakes in souffle cup for teacher Aimi's engagement gift delivered to Semenyih.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Greek order inspired...
1kg chocolate moist for Jufri on his 1st wedding anniversary celebration with classy romantic theme.

2 in 1

25pcs medium size colourful cupcakes prepared for two different occasions. It's a double celebration feast.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


1kg chocolate moist cake with edible image of Manchester City for Haqimi's birthday.

Uhibbuka Kathiran

1kg chocolate moist cake as engagement gift from Edah to Muaz delivered to Sungai Kelamah near Gemas.

Black & white

9pcs medium size cupcakes with black & white theme ordered by Kak Syam for her husband's birthday.

Ben's Shisha

yup, it's a shisha heaven :P
16pcs large size chocolate moist cupcakes for Ben's Shisha 3rd year celebration.


classic roses theme 
2kg chocolate moist cake as wedding gift from Azuan to Asliza at Terengganu. Pretty far right!

read more for their reception wedding cake in Gemas...

Habsah's wedding cake

3 tiered wedding cake ordered by Habsah delivered to Kampung Delek in Klang for her reception. 2kg chocolate moist as base, 1kg in the middle and 1/2kg on top.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


25pcs blue and white cupcakes as wedding gift for Umi and Min with garden of love theme.


1kg chocolate moist cake as wedding gift from Cikgu Syuaida to Helmi delivered to Seremban.

I am 1!

1kg chocolate moist cake shaped as no 1  for Rayyan's birthday.


2 tiered chocolate moist wedding cake  for Ummu and Anas's reception. 2kg cake as base and 1kg cake on the first tier.

Love garden!

16pcs pink and white cupcakes as engagement gift from Fiqa to Ustaz.

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