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Monday, January 25, 2010

Cake for two!

This 1kg chocolate moist cake was prepared to celebrate the birthday of Eleslie and Treacy. It was layered with the chocolate sauce before we put another layer of white chocolate. We then decorated the cake with 3 wafer roses dipped in dark chocolate, a technique we haven't used for quite some time.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

This is the second order we've got from Leez. This time, she requested a set of 16pcs chocolate moist cupcakes as a surprise for her mother. She emailed us the images of cupcakes for us to improvise. So we came out with our version of cupcake; one with cream coil and heart shaped candy while the other one with strawberry chocolate flakes and gump paste flower. Hope that her mother did enjoy the surprise.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haziq Naufal

Another order from our loyal customer Athirah. This 1kg vanilla spongecake was requested for her nephew's birthday Haziq Naufal. She requested a cake for the boy to celebrate with his friend on his birthday. We decorated the cake using the airbrush technique and finished it with the edible image of Pooh.

Myvi SE

We've got this order from Fadh requesting a 1kg chocolate moist birthday cake for her sister. The special thing about this cake was the shape itself. Fadh would like us to custom-made for her a cake with a Myvi shape which according to her was her sister's car. Plus, she requested it to be an orange colour Myvi completed with the registration number. Luckily we have experienced working on this type of cake before, so it didn't consumed much of our time decorating it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The more the merrier!

Got this request of 16 pcs chocolate moist cupcake with creamwell topping from one of our customer. It was for her other half and she requested us to decorate the cupcakes with lots of things using gump paste. Among all it includes a car, a motorbike, a guitar, an alarm clock, a cake and so on. Well, the 'mini'er the things, the hardest it will get to do it. Anyway, quite happy with the result, need to polish up our skill on this fondant thing :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cake and cuppies...

Syamsul and Sarah did came to our cake house to discuss on the design of their wedding cake. After several alterations finally they requested to have a set of chocolate moist cake and cupcakes with orange hues theme. The cake was covered with fondant while the cupcakes were covered with creamwell topping. We finished the decorations with a touch of golden airbrush to enhance the colour before we brought the cake to Syamsul's house in Seremban. Congratulations!

Birthday Boy!

This cake was ordered by Sarah for her nephews Ammar and Nasrol's birthday. It was a 1kg chocolate moist cake with an edible image of Upin & Ipin on top. The topping was using creamwell with blue and white theme to suit the colour with the edible image. Wishing the boys happy birthday and a good year ahead!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kak Lyn's wedding

Kak Lyn is surely a lucky girl. For her wedding hantaran cake, the cake was sponsored by her best friend and for her wedding cake, it was sponsored by her aunty. The theme colour for her wedding is gold. So we prepared for her a 1kg chocolate moist cake with white fondant topping as the hantaran cake. It was decorated with a golden flowers using the airbrush we had bought and finished it off with the golden sugar balls. As for her wedding cake, it was a 2 tiered chocolate moist cake decorated with heart shaped golden roses with creamwell topping.

Makcik Aak's hatrick!

These 3 pcs of cake was requested by Makcik Aak during the last Awal Muharram for their family feast. She would normally prepared the pulut kuning but for this year, it's time to change :P So here goes 2 pcs of 1/2kg chocolate moist with her son's name and 1 pc of 1/2kg mixed fruit cake with Makcik Aak and her husband' name on top. And yes, she specifically demanded the writings to be in Jawi.

White roses

These cupcakes was requested buy Farah for her cousin's wedding. Again, like the case of her sister's wedding hantaran, they already have a fixed size of tray and this time around it could only fitted 6 pcs of cupcakes :P Nevertheless, we prepared for her these chocolate moist cupcakes with green fondant topping and white rose decoration. The cupcakes were delivered to her in Putrajaya before it was brought back to Kuala Pilah.

How to tackle a girl of your dream?

Well,we might not have the exact answer but one of the ways we would suggest you to try are get her a cake :) This 1/2kg chocolate moist cake was requested by a boy who bashfully admitted that he bought the cake to win the heart of a girl he admired. 3 roses might be too obvious so we ended up with only 2. We are not sure about others but we thought this design was quite romantic for them. Wonder if they were already an item now?

Dhiya Damia

This cake was ordered by Farieza for her daughter Dhiya Damia's 3rd birthday. It was a 1kg blackforest cake with fresh cream topping and black pitted cherries filling. What other theme could be more suitable to celebrate a baby girl rather than a princess theme. Not just one but four of them :P

Friday, January 15, 2010

Farewell C.E.C.

This set of cupcakes was requested by kak Anim for the farewell party of her son, Aiman. The party took place at Aiman's kindergarten C.E.C. Overall, there were 36 pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes altogether. The cupcakes were designed exclusively for each and everyone in class of Lavender including the teachers.

Family day!

This 2kg chocolate moist cake was baked specially for Dato' Jamel for his family day. They were actually two identical cakes prepared for them to celebrate the birthday of their family member whose birthday falls on the month of the celebration :) We decorated the cake to look as elegant as it could be by using white as the main colour. The cake was then couriered to Kedah for the family day celebration.

Tiramisu for Dad!

Nurul ordered this 1kg tiramisu cake to celebrate his father's birthday. though it was a belated birthday celebration, it was he thought that counts right? The decoration was quite simple with a sprinkled of cocoa powder on top of a white icing cake. The outcome was rather satisfying, well let's just say sometimes less is more.

Goodbye Mr. Anba!

Found these photos from our collection during our early years in this bakery business. These 140 pcs chocolate flavour butter cupcakes were prepared for the farewell party of Mr. Anba. He was the Head of Department in CTRM (a renowned aircraft wing's component manufacturer in Melaka). We put extra milk in the ganache as the topping that the cupcakes itself became extra moist (accidentally) XD

Thursday, January 14, 2010

cupcakes for Manja!

Manja requested this set of 25 pcs assorted cupcakes for her birthday celebration. The cupcakes set consisted of chocolate moist, orange and strawberry flavour. Overall, we picked roses and gift theme as the decoration to suit the personality of Manja which is cheerful but not too girlish :P

Cupcakes for mum!

We've got this order from Nani on behalf of her office mate. It was a set of 16 pcs vanilla cupcakes in pink and white colour for her mother's birthday. The decoration comprises of love, roses and flowers which for us a sweet gift to someone called mother. The writing on the cupcakes was rather cheeky though :)


Liza wasn't expecting any celebration from her office mate for her birthday. However, without her suspecting anything, her office mate had secretly made a collection among them to surprise her with this 1kg chocolate moist cake. Nice job guys! We covered the whole cake with our special creamy chocolate sauce and placed some berries on top and grapes around the base. Happy birthday Liza!

Friday, January 8, 2010

icing will do...

First thing first, this is not a cake (WHAT?!) :0 A group of girls requested us to decorate for them a mock cake made purely from creamwell to prank their friend on his birthday. So we made this 'cake' as if it was a real one. Couldn't imagine the mess they have during the party. >.<

birthday cheesecake!

Rin requested this 1kg oreo cheesecake for her sister's birthday. I made it simple with orange piping jelly and berries on top and not to forget the chocolate rice as the skirting. Got pretty good feedback from them. Terima kasih daun keladi, oder la lagi :)

newborn nurul afiqah!

This 80pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes was requested by kak Ilah for her newborn baby girl 's aqiqah. Normally it would takes nearly a week or so to get an edible images printed at any cake store. Luckily we ordered via online reservation from d 'heart and it took only 2 days for them to get the images ready for us. So we don't have to turn down any late reservation for any customer yearning to place an edible image on top of their cake anymore :P

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cikgu Syuaida's engagement...

Syuaida has been one of our dearest friend long way back before she become a teacher. For her engagement ceremony, she requested two sets of cake for hantaran and a set of cupcakes for makan-makan. The 1.5kg chocolate moist with creamwell topping cake was as a hantaran from Helmi to her whereas the 1kg chocolate moist with fondant topping was from her to Helmi. I repeat: 1.5kg from Helmi to Syu and 1kg from Syu to Helmi (you naughty cikgu hehe!) The 1.5kg cake only lasted less than 1/2 hour after the ceremony. :P Happy engagement Syu+Emi!
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