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Sunday, February 21, 2010

FT part 1

Somebody from Seremban SMS-ed me asking the price range of our cupcakes. Quite a surprise actually. Introducing our client from Seremban, Miss FT. She requested a set of 50 pcs medium size chocolate moist cupcakes for her to bring along to the office. 'Just make a nice decorations on it' was all that she asking for. If only all the customer would be that kind-hearted hehe! Along with the set, she requested another 4pcs large size cupcakes with fondant topping for her to indulge with her friends. Well, more to come...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eleslie's birthday!

This 1kg chocolate moist cake was prepared for the celebration of Eleslie's birthday. Just a simple chocolate covered cake with white roses on top.

Shahrul is 21!

This 1/2kg chocolate moist cake was ordered by two girls to celebrate Shahrul's birthday. After browsing through our collection of cakes, they decided to have this one. A cake covered with dark chocolate sauce and dripping white chocolate with chocolate dipped roses as the finishes. Enjoy!

Cake for Sayang!

This 1/2kg chocolate moist cake was ordered by one of our customer for her loved one. She wanted something like Khaliq's cake but covered in dark chocolate instead. So we designed for her a chocolate fudge covered cake with love theme. Quite a romantic design.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Siti order lagi!

This set of 16 pcs chocolate moist cupcakes was ordered by Siti as a birthday present for Dayah. She requested the design to include crown and balloons. After picking up the cupcakes, she added another cupcakes order as a present for her office mates. This set of 30 pcs cupcakes was designed by Siti herself.

Soccer +Roses?

Mak Mala requested us to bake her a 1kg vanilla butter cake. She wanted a cake with football theme with some roses on top. What?! Only then we found out that the cake was for her grandson's birthday and her granddaughter's sort of thanksgiving.

Friday, February 12, 2010

chocolate fudge

We prepared this 1/2kg chocolate moist cake for Nana's 20th birthday. Normally, we would pour our chocolate sauce on the cake but for this order, we used a chocolate fudge recipe as the topping instead. It was far more easy to handle and the taste was amazing as well.

Cupcakes for Huda

This set of 16 pcs large chocolate moist cupcakes was prepared for Huda's 24th birthday. The design included a crown, hello kitty, smiley, bear sugar doll and an exclusive self-titled cupcakes for each and everyone attending the celebration. Enjoy!

Tiramisu for Ayah!

This 1/2kg tiramisu with fresh cream topping was requested by Farieza for her husband's birthday. This time we had tried a new recipe to avoid the tiramisu from melting easily. Looks like it was a successful trial for us.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long Live Puan Sapinah!

Puan Sapinah is the head of School of Enginering and Design in City University College of Science & Technology. During her birthday, all the staff made a collection to hold a surprise birthday party for her. So here goes this 1kg oreo cheesecake for the celebration with extra oreo crumble.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Barbie Doll

This 1kg chocolate moist barbie doll cake was requested by one of our customer as a present for their neighbour's daughter on her birthday. Just a simple pink and white gown inspired by Jackie Onassis fashion. We couriered the cake to Klang and what a pleasant surprise, we were invited to join the birthday party hehe!
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